Upload assignments, send alerts, and change course information. All in real time

Our powerful administrator dashboard allows for blazing fast updates and instant alerts

Connect to Your Students. Elevate your School

Our innovative design was built by students, for students

Cover what matters to students, with a simplistic user-based design
Student features of schoolr
Centralized Course Selection
In school events with alerts
Customizable weekly schedules
Notes, Assignments, and Reminders
Student connections through questions
Administrator features of schoolr
Instant push notifications and alerts
Real time, completely customizable school information
Complete control over teachers, categories, and courses
Create events, pick blocks, and change spare names
Select semesters, assign start and end dates, and monitor student usage

So what are you waiting for? Our school app was built for your school!

The instant web-app and simple to use administrator dashboard means your students can be using our app within a day of activation
Our app combines the best features of every other student-orriented designs in to one small powerful package. Unlike all the alternatives for student apps, our design allows students to not only schedule their day while in school, but to also view student and teacher created assignments. The centralized course selection means students can place themselves in classes with eachother and share information that would be otherwise unavailable to the conventional manual course filling apps. The administration of the app is perfect for a leadership style class, giving students various permissions to create events for the rest of the school to view.
The most innovative feature of the app is the independancy from teachers, which removes the neccesity of an up to date teacher from the equation. Teachers still have the option to manage and view a class with advanced priviledges, but the focus is on student driven updates. Put the power of education in your students hands! Along with having 30 times the amount of people to upload information, it also means that having a computer illiterate teacher is not a dealbreaker for a classroom.